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Filling of Hydro-Lectric Reservoir
This procedure virtually eliminates spillage of Hydraulic fluid and possible trim damage, while filling and bleeding the Camaro convertible power top system.

Type of fluid

The Chevrolet Service manual states use either Hydraulic fluid or ATF. Use what ever matches what is in system. On a new system I use Dextron® ATF.

Fabricate Filler Plug Adapter

  1. Obtain spare Plug for reservoir (GM Part # 7596442)
  2. Cut approx. 1/2" off of male end of plug (end inserted into pump), to allow tubing to be inserted through plug. ( figure 1)
  3. Obtain a 2" length of tubing 7/32" O.D.
  4. Insert modified plug and tube asm into pump reservoir (Note; remove fill plug with top in down position ONLY)

Filling and Bleeding Reservoir

  1. Remove rear seat and Trim for well liner, to gain access to pump
  2. Place rags ect around pump to soak up any spillage, remove fill plug
  3. Important: if filling pump for the first time( after rebuild or replacement) Fill reservoir, before installation. This will prevent large amounts of air being drawn into system.
  4. Install modified fill plug and tube asm. Attach a small vacuum hose to tube, submerse other end of vacuum tubing into your fill reservoir. (See figure 2) NOTE: Fill reservoir should be placed below the level of the pump reservoir. Make sure fill reservoir has sufficient fluid.
  5. Operate top up and return to down position. Continue to run pump after top reaches full down position for 10 to 15 seconds. This will purge the air into your fill reservoir. (NOTE: Do not use a battery charger alone to power top, as you will burn the motor out. Instead use a battery and hook a charger up to it if battery runs low on juice).
  6. Continue to run top up and down until all air has been expelled into fill reservoir. This may require refilling reservoir a few times.
  7. Once all air is purged from system, lower top to full down position and remove fill plug/hose adapter and install original plug into reservoir. Fluid level should be within 1/4" of hole on end of reservoir. CAUTION: Do not over fill system

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